somewhere over the rainbow

Thursday, December 30, 2010

moving on :)

yes. finally back to the blogging world, and yes i will start anew at a brand new place :)

feeling excited! because i m back blogging hahaa......see you there!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


i have known this word since long time ago..but i have never used it. until now..i guess i dont really know a better word to describe my feelings now

emo..maybe it is becos of the 'time of the month'..or maybe it is becos i am sad that i dont have so many friends who can so called 'sayang' me so much, like what my colleague is having now.. like wat she told me today. or maybe it is due to my i need a reason to be emo?

12.01am. time to sleep...tomorrow is another waking-up-early-to-take-buSES-to-work day..i seriously hope that i can get a car soon..

sometimes i am a bit tired of hearing him saying that he cant reach home late whenever we go out..i know he stays very far. i know his family will worry. so what?!?

and i m very tired of hearing people telling me to save my money. whats the point of saving all the money if this doesnt make me happy? sometimes i need to spend, i wanna buy things that i like, just to make myself happy..i wanna BE HAPPY. how i wish i can earn more. then i dont have to keep hearing ppl telling me to keep the phone calls short..if not they will cost a lot. DO YOU THINK I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT IT? WHATS WRONG FOR ME TO CALL THE PPL I CARE???? HUH?!?!

god. sorry for all the readers. but ya..i need to complain for a while. thanks for listening..if there is still anyone reading this old, almost-being-abandoned blog

Monday, March 23, 2009

missing field trip

....SO MUCH.

serious. no joke.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

a song to keep

as usual..cant get the mp3 yet. so i will just keep the mv here

If - Naby (from the Korean drama, On Air)

i need you. i love you. i cant say goodbye

damn song. make me depressed only...haih

Monday, March 16, 2009

delay delay delay

delay shifting my blog. delay posting. delay looking at my photos. delay checking emails and let them piling up. delay clearing up my laptop. delay this delay that..oh man.....

i wish i have a long holiday where i can really sit down and do all these things. hahaa i wish

everything has been quite ok i guess. not much problems with the new job. not much problems with any other things...

sometimes unexpected things happen, and they make you realise how much a person cares about you.

today i was really a bad girl. my umbrella was spoilt, and i couldnt find a suitable one when we were out on saturday. so on saturday, he said that he will accompany me to get one on sunday, if his flu didnt get worse. this morning, he called and said that most probably he wont be able to teman me to get the umbrella, because his flu got worse..instead of telling him to rest, i did a bit of grumbling and said: next week if it rains, and i get wet because i dont have an umbrella, then it will be your fault...then around noon time, he went out, bought me an umbrella, and then asked me out to passed it to me. everything happened in less than 3 or 4 hours, and he did all these eventhough he was sick. the umbrella he bought was a nice one, not one which he just simply get just to fulfil my need. i am just so bad..

not to mention on saturday, he still went out with me, eventhough he was on mc.

he wont do all these, if he doesnt care about me.


我真的应该要改一改我的任性 haha..

sometimes, things like these make me wonder, why am i so stupid in the past, wasting my time trying to be nice to people who dont appreciate me at all?

but i guess it happens for a reason: it makes you realise that how lucky you are now, to meet with someone who loves you and will do so much for you. it makes you to appreciate and to your beloved one even more.

i thank god that i have finally met him, he who loves me :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009


have been thinking about moving to another blogsite..

still trying out here and final decision yet

but dont worry. i will lead you to my new home :)

life has been ok. realise that i am actually happier after i am attached you feel the same way as i do? :) but had a fight lately..and truely agree now that, to be in a relationship is indeed not easy. rain and shine, unavoidable. just have to be confident about it. (thanks for the reminder..hehe..)

oh yes, i will talk about my birthday. next time k :)

thats all for now. good day :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009


meet my bf :)

Friday, January 16, 2009


are we getting anywhere? i guess so..but we can only be together if he can fit me into his life.

and i really hope that he can do that. i dont want any of us to get hurt.

是我爱上了一个人, 还是爱上了被人疼的温存?




有时觉得好烦了,想太多,决定今天就一个人静一静, 不上网。不开msn 。可是半天后又收到sms, 问我吃了午餐没? 心里不禁感到高兴。他有在想我。




Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy new year

on the very first day of 2009...during the very first hour of the day...i have already shed my tears.

tell me, how can i be happy for the rest of the year?

please tell me everything is going to be fine.

happy new year

Monday, December 29, 2008

happy working sunday

working on sundays has never been a happy thing for me. i have to work from 9am to 6pm alone in the lab when most of the people are relaxing at home.

except for today.

on working sundays, i will get ready my own lunch, which is usually just bread and coffee, and get it over with in the lab. dont feel like leaving the lab alone, walking in and out of the lab where the whole area is so deserted that sometimes you can hardly even see a car driving pass on sunday afternoons.

but for today, he spent about 30 mins driving from his house to the lab, just to pack lunch for me.

other than packing lunch for me, he also became my guinea pig when i asked him to teach me how to draw blood..hahaa. thank god his blood test shows a totally normal result. not a thalassemia carrier like me :)

so far so good...hope everything is not just a beautiful dream

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


things are happening very fast

we did talk to each other before through phone, because of work. but we have never met each other before until about 1 week plus ago during the annual dinner. on 13/12.

then we became friendster friends. and then we started sms-ing each other, and started chatting on msn.

we had our first date on 21/12.

and now he msgs me everyday.

i was out just now to meet evona, chee hou and eugene. and had to travel back home myself. it was already 10 plus pm. and i only managed to reach home around 11.30pm. within this period of time, he msged now and then to ask if i had reached home safely..until finally when i sent the msg saying dat i had reached home, then only he went to bed. which was already 12am plus.

all these happened within less than 2 fast until i am confused. should i just go ahead with it? or should i keep a distance some how?

just hope that nothing bad will turn out. no casualties. and hopefully, a happy ending.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


..and thats me.

too nice to the people around me. too nice to the people that i care about. too nice to the people that i thought they deserve my care. what do i get in return? nothing.

are you really that forgetful? maybe. and maybe my expectation is a little too high. thats why i find it hard not to be angry when you make mistakes.

so back to the very beginning. it is me again who expect too much. it is me again who make my own life hard. yes it is all my fault.

my fault.

i m just silly.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


"yea. but if you want to start all over again also good. i will support you no matter what decision you make."

so heart-warming...thanks :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

another day

watched Madagascar 2 on friday.. there was this part where Melman the giraffe decided to confess to Gloria the hippo about his feelings towards her, but when he found her, she was actually half way dating Moto Moto, the male hippo. instead of telling her how much he likes her, Melman grabbed Moto Moto and told him to treat Gloria well, and told him how to treat her nice, what her favourite breakfast was..what to do just to see her sweet smile...

quite touching. and i nearly cried. maybe it was because of the afterwork tiredness, which makes me emotionally weak and tend to feel sad easily. i wish someone would do the same for me too..remembering every single thing about me, knowing how to make me happy when i am down. understands me so so well..cares about me. loves me.

i am just so depressed. i guess i am just too tired. these 2 weeks i have to work continuously without any break in between. today is the 7th day. i have another 6 more days to go.

i am having the second interview tomorrow. i really wanna leave? too early for any decisions. wait till i get the offer.

should start my work now before i regret later..time to work

我被困在一个人的峡谷 多想要却要不到你安抚

Monday, November 17, 2008


i think i am behaving more and more like a small kid. when i am happy, i laugh. when i am sad or too angry, i just cry. eventhough i know crying cannot solve any problems.

i was really happy this morning when i received the call. a job interview..they responded really fast, i only submitted the application last night, after midnight. and this morning they gave me a call.

seriously hope that this will be something good. then i can kiss them goodbye. go ahead and process the sample yourself! shit.

i am very tired. will have an early rest. wish me good luck.

*my new hairband from Mc D.. :)